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Pressure Washing in Northwest Arkansas You Can Trust!

With four years of experience, NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC is providing the residents of Rogers and surrounding cities with the best possible service and making their lives easier by doing all the dirty work for them. Our soft washing and pressure washing techniques will bring your home or business to life with a fresh, clean makeover!

We are a reliable and knowledgeable business, and customer service is our top priority. NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC vows to provide top-dollar service at an affordable price.

We offer residential and commercial pressure washing services to serve you in ten cities and surrounding areas. Call us at 479-402-9350 today to schedule any of our services. We also offer the convenient option of getting a quote the "get a free quote" icon on our website!

About Us
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Cities We Clean

We provide professional, reliable pressure washing services to residents and businesses of Rogers and the following cities:

Our Soft Washing Technique

Soft washing and pressure washing techniques differ in the about or pressure used to clean a surface. A soft wash is more beneficial in some instances, such as softer wood, roofs, and older structures. The pressure is more delicate, and there is less chance of damage to your structure. Pressure washing uses a much more powerful spray and is best used on sturdier structures made from concrete, vinyl, or harder woods.

Services offered: Commercial pressure washing, driveway washing, fence & deck washing, house washing, soft washing, and sidewalk cleaning.

We offer soft washing techniques and traditional pressure washing on the above services. Call NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC today to schedule your service. We are happy to answer any pressure washing questions regarding your home or business!

Soft Washing Technique

Why Soft & Pressure Washing Are Beneficial

A regularly maintained pressure washing program for your home offers many benefits. At NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC, we can provide regular pressure washing services to keep your home looking its best year-round. Benefits of Regular Pressure Washing:

  • Amazing curb appeal. People will notice when your home gets a fresh pressure wash! Pressure washing brightens and cleans your home's exterior, providing fast results.
  • Safer spaces for your family. Pressure washing blasts away slippery algae, moss, mold, and mildew, making your home safer for those most important to you.
  • Prevents damage and costly repairs. Algae and mold can eat away at exterior surfaces, causing expensive damage and repairs. Regular house washing hinders the injury from happening, saving you money in the long run.
Soft And Pressure Washing Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

At NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC, we use many different cleaning methods and solutions to ensure your structure is thoroughly cleaned and undamaged. The material we are cleaning and the type of stains we are dealing with determines the cleaning method and solution we will use. YES, we can get up old, set-in stains, even if it requires more than one pressure washing treatment.

Pressure washing involves specific techniques and chemical mixtures to be successful, and DIYers may find it challenging to obtain the same results that a professional can produce. Professional pressure washers use a commercial grade machine, whereas a DIYer is more likely to use a machine with less power and the ability to remove stains efficiently. There is also a certain measure of safety that should be taken when pressure washing correctly, and professional pressure washers are very familiar with correct safety measures. A DIYer risks injury or damage to their structure if they are not knowledgeable about what they are doing. In most cases, it is always best to consult a professional for your pressure washing needs.

At NWA Pressure Cleaners LLC, the cleaning solution used depends on the type of surface and the cleanliness of the area we are dealing with. There are certain surfaces we use chemicals on to ensure that all stains are completely removed; however, there are also situations where we choose to use non-toxic cleaners, especially when shrubs, grass, plants, or pets are in the area. Your pressure washing specialist will gladly discuss your cleaning preferences with you to agree on a cleaning solution that fits your needs.

Children and pets should always be kept inside during the pressure washing process, as the high-pressure spray a pressure washer uses can be hazardous. After the pressure washing procedure has been completed, we advise keeping children and pets inside since the area may be extremely wet, which can lead to slippery surfaces. Once chemical solutions from the pressure washing are rinsed away and dried, your area will be entirely safe for both children and pets.

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